Mushroom Sound

Mushroom Sound is a studio that designs all the audio aspects of your game such as Music, Sound Effects, Voice Overs, Trailers, Middleware Management and Implementation to make your development fast and simple.

Mushroom Sound was founded by Michele Postpischl, who worked in the music industry as a musician and sound engineer, as well as sound designer in the videogame industry for many years. Building on his technical experience and passionate dedication to sound throughout his career, MushroomSound was created to foster an efficient and inspiring workspace where a team of professional and creative people can create an efficient and fun workflow to give a unique audio world to any project, fast and with high quality.

We love to play games, we love to make them sound good.


Michele Postpischl – Lead Sound Designer and Composer michele

We play music and we play games

“If you think about it, sound is the first contact with the world, and by playing games we can discover how the world works.”

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 7
Favourite Soundtrack: Ori And The Blind Forest




Mattia Franceschini – Composer

Synth nerd and world explorer

“It’s difficult to express your feelings with words sometimes, but music may help…”

Favorite games: Metal Gear Solid 1
Favorite Soundtrack: Devil May Cry