RIOT – Civil Unrest

Developers: Leonard Menchiari, Mergegames, IVP

About the game

As the economical crisis advances, the discontent of an entire population cannot help but outburst in Riots, where the sounds of many voices get heard at once. The Director Leonard Menchiari has been experiencing this form of protest in person, and the game “RIOT” was born as a way to express it and to tell the stories of these fights. What is that triggers such a strife? What does a cop feel during the conflict? In “Riot”, the player will experience both sides of a fight in which there is no such thing as “victory” or “defeat”.

About the team

The funding for the game will enable the developers to travel, document and experience live riots going on in Italy, Greece, Egypt and possibly many other places around the world. Only comments and reports from the people joining the conflicts will be taken into consideration, attempting to depict both sides of the fight without bias, only objectivity and facts. Leonard Mechiari, previously an Editor/Cinematographer at Valve, is joined by programmer Marco Agricola, graphics programmer Fabrizio Zagaglia, composer Giacomo Langella, and sound designer Michele Postpischl on his team.