Mushroom Sound is:

Michele Postpischl – Lead Sound Designer and Composer michele

We play music and we play games

“If you think about it, sound is the first contact with the world, and by playing games we can discover how the world works.”

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 7
Favourite Soundtrack: Ori And The Blind Forest






Mattia Franceschini – Composer

Synth nerd and world explorer

“It’s difficult to express your feelings with words sometimes, but music may help…”

Favorite games: Metal Gear Solid 1
Favorite Soundtrack: Devil May Cry





Tecla Zorzi – Composer, SFX Artist, Programmertecla

Videogames and music addicted.
Gamer since she was 3.

“I like to create unique music and sound Fx,
and I want to discover new ways to
communicate with sound”

Favorite games: Tetris, TES V: Skyrim
Favorite Soundtrack: TES V: Skyrim




matteo (1)

Matteo Caselli – Composer, SFX artist

Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo

” “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this” …In my case, it was a trumpet and with it, I lived many adventures”

Favorite games: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Favorite Soundtrack: The Secret Of Monkey Island