Mushroom Sound are:

Michele Postpischl – Lead Sound Designer and Composer. michele

We play music, we play games.

“If you think about it, sound is our/the first contact with the world, and by playing games we can discover how the world works.”.

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 7

Favourite Soundtrack: Nobuo Uematsu






Mattia Franceschini – Composer, Trailer










Tecla Zorzi – Composer, SFX Artist, Programmertecla

Videogames and music addicted.

Gamer since she was 3.

“I like to create unique music and sound Fx,
and I want to discover new ways to
communicate with sound”.

Favorite games: Tetris, TES V: Skyrim.

Favorite Soundtrack: TES V: Skyrim.





matteo (1)

Matteo Caselli – Composer, SFX artist